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Bedminster Township, New Jersey

AT&T Network Operations Center Expansion

TRC conducted a traffic impact study and obtained the required driveway access permits for AT&T’s corporate campus.

When AT&T sought to expand their 800,000 square foot Corporate Campus complex to include a 180,000 square foot Network Operations Center, it contracted with TRC to provide site, civil, traffic and environmental engineering services associated with the project.

TRC prepared site plans, stormwater management reports, and other documents required to obtain the necessary approvals from the Township and County. Associated with the work, TRC transportation engineers conducted a comprehensive Traffic Impact Study and obtained the required driveway access permits from the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The study determined that AT&T would be responsible for constructing off-site highway improvements along Route 206 as part of its expansion plans in order to handle the increased traffic flow associated with the expanded complex. TRC susbequently developed the highway design drawings for the required improvements along Route 206 and secured all appropriate approvals from the Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection.


AT&T Corporation

Project Location

Bedminster Township, New Jersey

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