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National Lime Association Annual Meeting June 12-15 2022

The National Lime Association Annual Meeting brings together leaders in the lime industry, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and technical information common to their business interests. To further the Association’s focus on supporting their members dedication to minimizing their environmental footprints, this meeting, as with all others, will incorporate presentations on the emerging environmental issues affecting their industry.

Through the years, environmental Justice (EJ) policies, procedures and considerations has been incorporated into state and federal environmental regulation. However, the current Administration and public views are propelling a renewed focus and development of new requirements to ensure attainment of EJ policies.

TRC’s expert on EJ, Diane Reilly will be presenting “Incorporating Environmental Justice Considerations in Permitting Strategies”.

This presentation will provide an overview of EJ considerations and emerging trends throughout state and federal legislation, the federal tools being used to identify EJ communities, state variations and mapping of EJ programs, and how to utilize this information in developing near-term and long-term environmental permitting strategies. In addition, the presentation will provide case studies of permitting experience addressing various state specific EJ requirements and successful strategies used to navigate agency and public concerns.

For those of you attending the Annual Meeting, we will be located in booth 19 and please contact Anita Doepke for any questions.

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