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Stakeholder Engagement Consulting Services

Historically this Public Utility identified and engaged project stakeholders on a case-by-case basis, but did not have a systematic process of implementation across the organization. As the utility developed its sustainability initiatives, the benefits of a corporate-wide stakeholder engagement strategy became increasingly evident. The Utility looked to TRC to facilitate a process to identify, rank, and map stakeholders and their material issues in order to develop a focused, efficient engagement strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement Consulting Services
Stakeholder Engagement Consulting Services

TRC facilitated a Stakeholder Strategy Workshop that included a multidisciplinary team of public relations personnel and covered key capital project initiatives currently underway.

  • Provided an introduction to the stakeholder engagement process and an overview of the implementation process, key success factors, and desired outcomes and benefits
  • Facilitated brainstorming sessions with project teams to create a robust list of stakeholders and interests that may affect or be affected, focusing on anticipated outcomes of the process (e.g., improved communications to support permitting and public comment periods, enhanced public relations, siting support, etc.)
  • Populated and organized identified stakeholders into a mapping tool, leading project teams through the mapping exercise by reviewing and scoring evaluation criteria
  • Facilitated brainstorming sessions with project teams to identify and rank key issues associated with project stakeholder positions and priorities
  • Led teams through a discussion of engagement strategies, methods, tools, timing, and objectives for identified priority stakeholders, and facilitated initial drafting of outlining engagement goals, implementation options, and priority sequencing
  • Strategized for engaging key stakeholder groups to support the overall public relations and advancement of the company’s sustainability strategy

This project will establish an on-going process for bilateral communications between the Public Utility and its stakeholders. This continual exchange enables the company to better understand stakeholders’ interests and priorities, supporting the Public Utilities’ ability to make sound decisions regarding sustainability performance public disclosures. This process will also provide a standard methodology to help the company’s focus regarding cultural issues and operational efficiencies, prioritizing efforts and recognizing emerging issues that impact customer value, investor relations, and stakeholder material interests.


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