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Municipal and K-12 Public School System, Assessments and Design Support

A municipality and school district with 18 buildings and over 5,000 students, requested help in assessing the physical and operational security of the town hall, police/fire department, and schools.  



TRC needed to work with numerous department heads and administrators and navigate various turfs and areas of responsibility to collect the required information and develop an understanding of the facilities and the cultures within each. 


TRC conducted these assessments, developed detailed reports of each building and presented finding and recommendations in closed door executive sessions to the Town Manager, Select Board, Board of Education and Superintendent. TRC provided a detailed report (over 400 pages) to a security subcommittee that was very thorough in its presentation of threats, vulnerabilities and recommendations.   



Town has raised a $4M bond to fund improvements, and TRC is currently supporting an architect in designing security improvements.      

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