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Farhad Farahmand

Farah Faramand

Anyone who works with Farhad quickly appreciates his enthusiasm for our energy futurebalanced by a deep respect for human interests. It shines through in his work supporting California communities as they move toward net zero energy and decarbonization goals, and it is illuminated by his personal mission to bridge the technical feasibility and real-world application of local energy solutions. 

As a TRC advanced energy consultant, Farhad partners with cities and counties, community choice aggregators, utilities, and local stakeholders across California. His unique background in mechanical engineering and public policy helps Farhad recommend technical solutions that take into consideration broader societal impactsfrom cost of living to job creation and environmental benefits. 

“I am particularly excited by the advanced energy dialogue and engagement happening at the community level” Farhad shared. “The collective decisionmaking and localized solutions allow us to support everyday experiences and craft a shared vision for the future.” 

Since 2013, Farhad has supported some of the earliest work on municipal reach code adoption, including strategic electrification and renewable energy. Since then, he has supported numerous local and California statewide reach code efforts. He is also leading a neighborhood study that is breaking new ground to identify zero net energy solutions for often overlooked low-income communities.  

When asked what he loves most about working at TRC, Farhad explained: “I am able to share my time and energy between the two things I value mostmeaningful work and family I love. I can be fully present in both parts of my life.

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