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Deepika Mothkuri, EIT
Supervisor, Power Systems Studies

Ms. Mothkuri uses her power systems expertise to lead transmission and distribution planning and project engineering for both public and private sector clients across the United States.

Ms. Mothkuri currently serves as Supervisor for Power System Studies. With nearly 15 years of electrical utility industry experience, she uses her expertise in transmission and distribution system planning to head projects, designing and analyzing power systems using cutting-edge software.

Her current efforts at TRC focus on supporting clients nationwide with various power system projects including system modeling, system impact studies, design analyses and interconnection studies for both transmission and distribution.

Ms. Mothkuri earned a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University and B.Tech. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from JNT University in India. She holds a certification in Low Voltage Secondary Networks from Siemens Power Technologies.

Project Experience

  • New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) Transmission Interconnection System Impact Studies
    • Currently supporting NYISO’s Generator Interconnection studies. She conducts Feasibility and System Impact Studies to provide voltage and stability transfer analyses among other critical data.
  • American Electric Power (AEP): Ms. Mothkuri is presently working with AEP on multiple projects including VVO Studies, DER Interconnection Studies and Distribution Automated Circuit Recovery (DACR).
    • Volt/Var Optimization (VVO) Studies: Focus is enhancing power factor for feeders in Ohio. This role entails quality assurance and quality control, distribution system modeling, feeder balancing, placement of capacitors and receptors, circuit protection and coordination, and continuous recommendations for system upgrades.
    • Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Interconnection Studies: Assesses interconnections of solar and Battery Energy Solar Systems (BESS) onto the distribution system. Responsibilities include creating distribution models, reviewing existing protective devices, capacitor banks and regulators, performing system impact studies, and providing recommendation upgrades and technical reviews.
    • Distributed Automation Circuit Reconfiguration (DACR): Works as a project lead to play a key role in protection coordination. Her duties include recommending device locations and settings, conducting Arc Flash assessments, preparing and completing documentation for device settings, and contributing to the development of coordination philosophies.
  • El Paso Electric: Ms. Mothkuri’s current and past projects for El Paso Electric include DER Interconnection Studies, Distribution System Modeling, Low Voltage Secondary Network System Modeling and Distribution Interconnection Studies.
    • Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Interconnection Studies: Currently supporting EPE in assessing DER interconnections onto the distribution system. She is involved in distribution model creation, review of existing equipment, customer application assessments, system impact studies, upgrade recommendations, and technical reviews.
    • Distribution System Modeling: Worked to export feeders from GIS into WindMil software. Performed various studies including load allocation, voltage drop, short circuit, coordination, capacitor placement and contingency analyses.
    • Low Voltage Secondary Network System Modeling: Used her expertise in ETAP software to model primary feeders and secondary spot and grid networks. Studies conducted on the feeders and secondary networks included power flow, short circuit, coordination and arc flash analyses.
    • Distribution Interconnection Studies: Performed power flow and protection studies for the interconnection of DG systems to EPE’s 13.8 kV distribution feeder. Ms. Mothkuri used WindMil software to provide in-depth results for pre-project and post-project to determine the impact of the generator on EPE’s distribution system.
  • Engie NA: Power Systems Engineering work to assess the feasibility of multiple generator interconnections and inject 50 MW to 200 MW of generation into various interconnection points of large-scale transmission systems in New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas and Arizona. She worked to maintain a PSS/E steady state model and estimate interconnection costs.
  • Eversource: Ms. Mothkuri performed Impact and Design Studies on 25 kV distribution systems with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) interconnecting Martha’s Vineyard Island and Cape Cod Systems. Studies included power flow, flicker and short circuit analyses in CYME software.
  • National Grid: Conducted Distribution Interconnection Studies on National Grid’s 22 kV and 22kV distribution systems with a focus on power flow and flicker analysis in CYME software.
  • Ameresco: Ms. Mothkuri performed studies on a distribution system involving Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Photovoltaic (PV) and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) interconnecting to the Marine Corps Parris Island System. Studies and related analyses were conducted in SKM software.
  • Duke Energy: Power Flow Analysis on the existing and new proposed design of system feeders for the Charlotte Downtown Underground Redesign study using CYME software.
  • Wilson Construction, Calipatria: System Interconnection Studies for the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) 92 kV transmission system. The studies included power flow, short circuit, arc flash and harmonics in SKM software.
  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric: Short Circuit Study and assistance on the Steady State Analysis to determine the impact of the proposed 20MW Great Valley Solar interconnection system on the NYISO’s transmission system using PSSE software.

Education and Professional Registrations

  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, New Mexico State University
  • B.Tech., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, JNT University, India
  • Registered as Engineer in Training in Texas (#64581)

Certifications and Training

  • Completed specialized training to become skilled in PSSE, PSLF, Synergi, ETAP, CYME, Milsoft WindMil and Light Table Software
  • Certified in Low Voltage Secondary Networks by Siemens Power Technologies International Training Course

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