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MassDOT Resiliency Services

TRC is providing recommendations on potential building alternations and exterior flood protection systems

TRC is completing Flood Emergency Response Plans (FERPs) on four Massachusetts Department of Transportation properties in District 6. FERPs include an evaluation of each property to identify critical building systems and/or low-lying areas for vulnerability to flooding, damage, and failure. Services included:

  • Managing a new group of internal and external stakeholders and subject matter experts with the goal of enhancing MassDOT’s resiliency program
  • Updating and developing policies, procedures, specifications and guidance related to incorporating resiliency into all agency functions
  • Vulnerability assessments and preparation of Flood Emergency Response Plans (FERPs) for multiple critical assets

For the most recent vulnerability assessments and FERPs, TRC’s climate experts are running models to evaluate current and future flood potential for a 0.2% event (500 year). Flood models include hurricanes, sea level rise, wave heights, inland flooding, coastal inundation, and other event accounting for their increased frequency and intensity due to climate change. Models are run and interpreted to include events through 2030, 2050, and 2070.

Our team conducted site inspections and review of building plans to identify critical building infrastructure and vulnerabilities (e.g., emergency power generators, heating systems, fuel storage tanks, server rooms/data centers, low-lying windows and doors, etc.) These site inspections included interviews with building managers and asset managers.

Flood model outputs (maps) are combined with knowledge obtained on critical building systems/vulnerabilities to identify those systems most at risk to increased flood events in the future.

TRC is providing recommendations to MassDOT on potential building alternations and exterior flood protection systems to mitigate vulnerabilities and protect infrastructure/systems under the various climate models.

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