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Environmental Management System Implementation

Providing Integrated Solutions and Strong Partnership


A public transportation agency (Agency) was faced with designing and implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) that conformed to the International Standards Organization 14001 Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) standard across nearly 20 bus and rail maintenance yards and in support of broad administrative functions. Project challenges included bringing historically independent facilities into a common interdependent system; engaging the entire organization including front line employees, up to five unions, managers, executives and others; internal resistance to change; and finding the personnel to firmly establish the management system given other competing demands upon on the Agency.


TRC worked closely with the Agency’s EMS Administrative Team, Administration Documents Team and EMS Implementation Leads within each division; often as the “delegated leader” to direct and coordinate individual initiatives. TRC’s assistance included:

  • Lead Core Team Meetings to coordinate implementation efforts amongst key stakeholders
  • Identify impacts and set objectives and targets
  • Establish document control including a centralized document repository
  • Assist with the development of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Integrate the Agency’s sustainability commitments into the EMS
  • Provide content to the Agency’s marketing department used to roll out and “sell” the EMS across the Agency
  • Conduct 25 internal audits by TRC auditors that were independent of EMS implementation efforts
  • Assist with over 40 Corrective Action Requests to develop preventative measures to improve environmental performance
  • Support facilities during certification/surveillance audits performed by the certifying body


Through our strong partnership with the client, our combined teams implemented an effective EMS18 months ahead of the established milestone date and the Agency achieved multi-site ISO 14001 certification. After its implementation, the EMS has provided the framework for maintaining compliance with environmental regulations, achieving pollution prevention and sustainability goals and improving environmental performance. For example, the EMS was used as a viable route for implementing climate adaptation principles at the Agency’s maintenance facilities.

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