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Corporate-Wide Air Emissions Testing Partnership

A large multinational mineral mining and processing corporation was struggling with wading through different test reports styles, variable data and results summaries in their compliance test reports and managing inconsistent onsite emissions testing programs. TRC’s staff was tasked with implementing a corporate-wide standardized stack testing schedule, with consistent testing and reporting compliance programs across all of the client’s U.S. facilities.

TRC’s Air Measurement project team developed a comprehensive source testing compliance program at each of the company’s facilities that accomplished the following objectives:

  • Emissions tests conducted in a safe, efficient and
    timely manner
  • Competent, experienced test teams—operating in full
    conformance to ASTM D7036 for the test program
  • Consistent draft and final test protocols and reports
  • Interpretation and management of test results and
    operational data
  • Support for post-test project evaluations as needed

TRC’s experienced staff utilized local equipment resources to meet the client’s objectives year over year. The testing program relied upon a third-party accredited quality management system to deliver reliable and reproducible results. TRC attained the client’s objectives and improved their overall emissions testing programs.

These improvements included:

  • Consistent emissions testing reports across all
    regions of the company
  • Routine communication between the facilities’
    Environmental Managers and TRC staff
  • Advanced annual scheduling for all compliance
  • MSHA/OHSA trained test crews that are familiar with
    the facilities
  • A SharePoint site to house documents for team
  • Delivery of on time test protocols or test reports
  • Host quarterly project review meetings to identify
    and address project wins and improvements
  • No MSHA/OSHA recordable injuries in five years of
    emission testing work

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