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City of Lockhart, TX Water and Wastewater Master Plan

TRC is working with the City Lockhart, TX to prepare its water distribution and wastewater collection infrastructure for a boom in population growth. Our team is developing a comprehensive master plan report and building in-depth hydraulic models to keep officials informed about Lockhart’s future water and wastewater infrastructure needs.

The Challenge: Water Management in a Rapidly Growing City

The city of Lockhart, TX is growing faster than ever before. To make sure that its water infrastructure can handle the needs of an expanding population, the City needs flow monitoring and a comprehensive evaluation of its existing water and wastewater systems. City officials hope to have a plan in place with options for improving infrastructure as the city’s water and wastewater systems evolve.

Solution: Master Plan Report and Water and Wastewater System Hydraulic Models

TRC is working with the City to produce a Master Plan report evaluating existing water and wastewater system conditions and options for improvements to hydraulic constraints under current and future demands. This plan aims to anticipate system constraints by addressing or removing possible future issues including equipment failure, capacity restrictions, overflows and low-pressure scenarios. Our experts are working to develop a plan that can be implemented according to the city’s individual time and budget constraints.

To provide Lockhart with accurate and useful systems data, TRC is carrying out the City’s first-ever distribution system and collection system modeling. We conducted in-depth records reviews of infrastructure blueprints, datasets and GIS files to create a critical survey needs list to reduce unnecessary costs for the city. Once critical areas were identified, our team embarked on infrastructure surveys to collect additional information and identified key sites for wastewater flow monitoring. TRC has compiled the  data into models that TRC and the City of Lockhart can use to review current system limitations. Once limitations are identified, solutions for each limitation will be identified and reviewed in an Analysis of Alternatives. TRC will work with the City to identify optimal improvements to critical infrastructure to ensure the City meets system demands and local, state and federal guidelines.

Results: A Blueprint for the Future

The master plan and models are estimated to be completed in 2024. The city of Lockhart will then review the data provided and work with TRC to address any additional modeling, project management and infrastructure needs. Once the project is completed, city officials will have access to a comprehensive outline of the strengths and weaknesses of their water and wastewater infrastructure and be better equipped to plan for the future of the city’s water delivery and wastewater management systems.

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