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Solution: Executing a Strategic Funding Plan

WattEV and TRC have collaborated to secure more than $145 million in funding from local, state, and federal agencies. Working together, we have developed a strategic roadmap for infrastructure deployment that aligns private capital, public funds, and innovative technology to push toward 100 charging stations by 2035. TRC has submitted more than 30 grant, tax incentive, and rebate applications for WattEV that have received awards from 9 different government agencies in California and Oregon.

Solution: Forging Innovative R&D Opportunities

TRC collaborated with WattEV to develop and pitch new modular Megawatt Charging System (MCS) technologies through Charge America, enhancing refueling for next-generation vehicles. These advances save millions in infrastructure costs and support the shift to a zero-emissions vehicle market.

TRC supported WattEV in deploying American-made EVSEs in high-pollution zones (CEC Innovative Charging Solutions, 2023), as well as facilitating a tech demo in Central California with over 60 acres of solar panels, multiple BESS units, and 192 DCFCs, supporting clean energy initiatives (FHWA Charging Fueling Infrastructure Program, 2023).

Solution: Partnership and Coalition Building

The TRC team leverages their subject-matter expertise and industry network to support WattEV’s project growth and investment in our local communities, including:

- National, State, and regional level government support of projects within 15 cities across the West Coast.
- Engagement within local communities and active collaboration with leadership groups such to establish training and workforce development initiatives.

Solution: Communications Strategy and Media Relations

TRC helped WattEV publicize charging depot openings and funding via media campaigns, securing more than 50 unique articles. Our support included organizing media for ribbon-cutting events, staffing interviews with WattEV executives, and securing coverage in top publications like Electrek, FleetOwner, Canary Media, and Forbes.

Solution: Compliance and Regulatory Transparency

In alignment with funding program requirements, TRC has provided customized support for grant, incentive, and rebate agency reports, including:

- Managing reporting contracts across each project lifetime, including drafting amendments, handling updates, and overall project management.
- Providing detailed compliance assistance for Federal (FHWA, DOE), State (CEC), and regional projects (HCBF).
- Facilitating agency conversations at all levels to maintain funding deliverables for concurrent projects.

Results: Mass Deployment of Chargers Across Key Freight Corridors in California and Beyond

WattEV and TRC have provided industry changing projects and continue to stay focused on developing infrastructure for the next generation of zero-emissions transportation in America. See some of those results below:


In Grant Funding Secured

282K MT

Carbon Dioxide Reduced from Equipment Deployed


MCS and CCS Chargers Deployed

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