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San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E): Power Your Drive for Fleets

Solution: Deploy a Multi-Channel Communications and Multi-Sector Education Campaign

Host Annual Event for Local Fleets

Our team successfully planned and executed SDG&E's EV Fleet Day, an annual event promoting electric vehicle adoption. The 2024 event attracted over 1,000 attendees, featured 80+ exhibitors and 50 zero-emission vehicles, garnered 45+ media stories, and reached an audience of 26.4 million.

Collateral Design & Development

Our team developed a comprehensive suite of educational material including:

- Sector-Specific Fact Sheets to provide information on eligible vehicle types, program criteria, infrastructure installation options, and available rebates
- EV Funding Incentive Overviews summarizing current and upcoming vehicle grants available to fleets operating in SDG&E’s service area
- EV Charging Guidebook spanning over 50 pages, offering a thorough introduction to fleet electrification

Increase Awareness of Program to Fleets in Disadvantaged Communities

Our team developed a multi-channel outreach campaign to ensure commercial fleets operating in SDG&E’s disadvantaged communities (DAC) understood the resources, incentives, and EV infrastructure rebates available. This included:

- Email campaign
- Social media ads
- Direct mail series
- Phone call outreach & survey

EV Fleet Survey Campaign Success

Our team launched a survey campaign to understand fleet operators' readiness for electric vehicles in Southern California. Deliverables included targeted emails, LinkedIn ads, one-on-one follow-ups, and a dedicated landing page.
The campaign achieved a 68% email respondent rate, highlighting its effectiveness.

Educational Events

We support SDG&E with promotion and planning of in-person and virtual events to educate fleets on the Power Your Drive for Fleets program, as well as spotlight available EV incentives, and outline total cost of ownership (TCO) considerations. Our deliverables included:

- Webinar concept development
- Speaker and moderator coordination
- Presentation collateral
- Email outreach campaigns
- Post-webinar reports, with lead analysis and classification

Results: Bridging the Gap in Fleet Electrification Through Power Your Drive for Fleets

Over the past several years, our collaboration with SDG&E on the Power Your Drive for Fleets program has consistently delivered impactful results. This long-term partnership has successfully tackled the challenge of connecting local fleets with the necessary resources and incentives to electrify their operations. Through a strategic multi-channel communication and education campaign, we have engaged fleet operators and industry stakeholders, significantly advancing sustainable transportation solutions.


Email Respondent Rate for Fleet Survey Completion


Average Attendees Per Webinar


Participants Attended SDG&E’s 2024 EV Fleet Day Event

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