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Supplier Diversity Case Study: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Building Small Business Inclusion in Public Sector Contracts

For two decades, TRC has been a leader in promoting diversity in subcontracting on public sector contracts. Program outreach and training are essential elements of our approach to ensure inclusive participation goals are achieved on these projects.

TRC is a real champion for diverse and small business participation because meeting the requirement is not enough. TRC finds a way to exceed small and diverse business goals. This is why so many small and diverse businesses want to work with TRC.

Ed Salcedo,

GCAP Services

TRC’s Commitment To Meet Client’s Small Business Inclusion Goals

Since 2004, TRC has contracted with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) on projects ranging from urgent response waste handling to complex abatement, demolition and remediation scopes. Our commitment to diversity in contract participation is central to our approach and an important feature of the work we do. When Metro set forth new, ambitious small business subcontractor goals as part of their Vision 2028 Strategic Plan, our team pushed to new levels, leveraging creative partnerships and innovative pathways to meet the new contracting objectives.

Specifically, Metro’s new initiative sought to “expand opportunities for businesses and external organizations…” by establishing aggressive Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) goals in its contracts. TRC’s 2017 Metro Contract, for Environmental Waste Handling and Environmentally Related Construction Services, required us to achieve strict participation levels on a task order basis and implement a Mentor-Protégé program to foster the businesses development of diverse subcontractors.

To achieve Metro’s goals, we conducted targeted outreach and created an initial team of 14 SBE, 10 DBE and4 DVBE firms, eventually expanding the team to 21 SBE and 17 DBE firms. Throughout the contract term, TRC has executed task orders ranging in complexity from one-day simple drum removal tasks to several months-long, complex demolition and remediation projects. More than 60 task orders have been awarded, valued at nearly $90 million. Of this amount, over $40 million, approximately 45%, of the awarded value has been awarded to certified SBE, DBE and DVBE firms. This was accomplished through the absolute commitment of TRC to its diverse subcontract team members, resulting in their collective successful participation on the contract.

IDR is proud of operating as one of the safest demolition/remediation contractors the credit goes to TRC’s guidance, overhead resources and training.

Nick Vora,

Integrated Demolition and Remediation, Inc.

Mentor-Protégé Program

Our success in achieving the Metro participation goals was driven in large part by our Mentor-Protégé program and the four subcontractors in that program. TRC developed and executed a Metro-approved Contracting Out reach and Mentoring Plan to help the four firms develop in areas they selected to improve and grow their operations. These areas include cost estimating, scheduling, invoicing, project administration, prevailing wage compliance, COVID-19 protocols and safety. We partnered with GCAP Services, Inc. (a Metro certified SBE/DBE) to administer the program. GCAP is an experienced and proven diverse business mentorship program administrator. They understand how to draft a relevant program roadmap, implement it in coordination with participants, and document the successes as well as the challenges of the program. The tremendous success of the program resulted in TRC including these firms in other local storm water compliance, power plant demolition and site remediation projects, building a stronger community of diverse businesses contributing to public projects across Los Angeles. As a direct result of their company growth through the Mentor-Protégé program, B&D Construction Company, Inc. was named small business contractor of the year by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for their work on the Scatter good Generating Station Unit 3 Demolition Project, in partnership with TRC.


Our commitment to subcontractor diversity participation on Metro contracts has helped our partners grow and position their businesses as future key contractors for Metro and other clients. TRC has established sustainable business relationships with these key partners and has developed additional business both with Metro and other clients as a result. Looking to the future, TRC will continue to strategically pursue opportunities to work with these firms building on the strengths established through the Contracting Outreach and Mentoring Plan process.

S2S had participated in other similar programs but did not have much success. With this program the formality and set-up immediately linked us in with GCAP. Ed and team started identifying tasks to work through, areas where we had challenges that the program could help solve such as developing fully loaded rates and navigating complex contracting situations. A huge benefit has been strengthening the relationship with TRC, allowing us to gain visibility with LA Metro, introductions to LA Metro leadership as well as introductions to other potential partners.

Brian Frantz

Surf to Snow Env. Resource Management, Inc.

Protégé Firms

SunWest Engineering Constructors, DBE – Focused on UST projects
Integrated Demolition and Remediation, Inc., SBE/DBE – Focused on demolition and regulated materials abatement. *IDR is no longer an SBE-certified firm as of 2024
B&D Construction Co., Inc. SBE – Focused on field remediation support
Surf to Snow Environmental Resource Management Inc. – DVBE

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