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New Bedford, MA

Solar Farm on Superfund Site

January 1, 2019

TRC completed environmental engineering and permitting services for the installation of a 1.5 MW solar array on the Sullivan’s Ledge Superfund Landfill regulated under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). The layout of the proposed solar installation was sited within the footprint of the closed and capped landfill. TRC assisted with due diligence, solar project development, sought project approval in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the City of New Bedford and oversaw construction activities.

For this project, TRC:

  • Reviewed existing environmental documentation and completed a preliminary topographical survey to obtain the basis of engineering design parameters;
  • Developed a Work Plan to present the solar on landfill design approach to EPA, MassDEP and the potentially-responsible party (PRP) group. The Work Plan developed by TRC was approved by EPA and MassDEP without substitutive comments;
  • Provided full-time oversight to ensure the landfill cap was not impacted during construction, responded to contractor requests for information and assisted in communications with EPA and the project development team during construction;
  • Documented construction activities, performed a final as-built survey and submitted the Final Work Plan Completion Report to EPA.

TRC completed the Work Plan and CERCLA permitting according to SunEdison’s requested submittal schedule and the project has been commissioned. The solar project is reducing the City of New Bedford’s carbon footprint and providing economic benefits through energy savings and annual lease payments to the City of New Bedford.



Project Location

New Bedford, MA

Awards & Recognition

2015 Photovoltaic Project of Distinction Award

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