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Lincoln, Maine

Keene Road Substation

January 1, 2019

TRC is currently performing engineering, design, project management, and construction management activities associated with Bangor Hydro-Electric Company’s Keene Road Substation Project. As part of a system-wide upgrade, this project includes construction of a new 345kV air-insulated substation along an existing transmission corridor, modifications to an existing 115kV substation, modifications to the existing Static Var Compensator station, and associated transmission line rerouting, which will create an important new service interconnect. Each piece of this project is expected to result in enhanced system-wide reliability and provide a stronger feed to Bangor-Hydro’s Northern Division service area.

Challenges to this project include the construction of a new substation in an existing 345kV transmission right-of-way, the reroute of the transmission line currently in use without disruption to the client’s service area, and conditions such as vernal pools and significant historical sites within the chosen location for the new substation and existing substation expansion service.

Our solution includes a phased design for the new 345kV substation, which allowed partial construction to be completed without the need to work in close proximity to the energized 345kV line. Once this phase of the construction is complete, and the line is brought into the new yard, Phase 2 will be constructed. During this second phase, TRC will complete the full build out for the new 345kV yard.

The relocation of the existing 345kV transmission line without disruption in service was a major obstacle on the project. Our solution was to include a design that allowed the entire relocation to be completed in various two-day time periods, pre-assembling most of the structures prior to their final placement. TRC also provided technical specifications for the Structural Steel, Control House, Civil Construction, Electrical Construction, Protection Cabinets, and the Testing and Commissioning effort.


Bangor Hydro-Electric Company

Project Location

Lincoln, Maine

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