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New York City Clean Trucks Program

Replacing Older Diesel Trucks with Clean, Advanced Trucks and Transportation Technologies for a Greener New York City

Challenge: Educate New York City Fleets on How and Why they Should Transition to Low- and Zero Emission Vehicles

TRC manages the marketing and outreach to New York City fleet operators on behalf of the New York City Clean Trucks Program. The NYC Clean Trucks Program is a unique environmental initiative offered by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) to promote sustainable transportation and a cleaner environment in New York City. The program offers attractive rebate incentives for local commercial fleet operators to transition away from diesel and towards clean, advanced trucks and transportation technologies.

Solutions: Multi-Channel Outreach and Education

Program Website & Launch

Since 2012, TRC has collaborated with the NYC DOT on the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program (HPCTP) to address heavy pollution from trucks in South Bronx and NYC. Building on this success, we helped launch the NYC Clean Trucks Program in 2020. Our deliverables for the launch included brand and logo development, sitemap creation and wireframing, SEO strategy, website design, infographic creation, photo editing, custom WordPress template development, and a digital campaign for the website launch.

Campaign Strategy & Community Outreach

TRC manages the NYC Clean Trucks Program's outreach, communicating key milestones across the industry. Our efforts include identifying target audiences like truck operators in NYC’s IBZs, community organizations, and public agencies. We host webinars, attend industry events in NYC, and distribute bi-weekly emails about program developments. Additionally, we support marketing efforts alongside key local influencers such as NYC Community Boards and borough Chambers of Commerce to enhance program visibility and impact.

Dealership & Vendor Outreach

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers are crucial to the NYC Clean Trucks Program, often being the first point of contact for fleets upgrading to alternative fuel trucks. OEMs and dealers must register to participate. The program collaborates with Con Edison to enhance charging infrastructure for battery-electric trucks. TRC supports this initiative by facilitating educational calls, providing resources to dealers and OEMs, inviting dealerships to present at events and webinars, and promoting Con Edison’s funding for charging infrastructure installations on fleet properties.


Active and engaged local fleet contacts


Replacement trucks funded and deployed


Short tons of NOx reduced annually

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