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Technology As the Differentiator

October 24, 2023

In an interview with Mark Robbins, President of TRC’s Environmental Sector, and Rajeev Gollarahalli, Chief Information & Digital Officer, TRC was featured in the Environmental Business Journal to discuss the company’s recent acquisitions and advancement in ENR rankings, as well as new technologies the firm has employed to help operations and efficiencies.

Over the last two years, TRC has executed a number of strategic acquisitions, including one in India, which has not only expanded their global footprint but also its capabilities in product development supporting the markets it serves. TRC was recently ranked by ENR (2023) as the No. 5 Power Firm, the No. 5 Environmental Management Firm (Top 200), and the No. 9 Pure Design Firm (Top 500). In 2020, TRC launched TRC Digital, combining engineering and consulting services with new technologies such as AI, blockchain, automation, cloud and cyber innovations and bringing forward three new digital platforms.

Technology As the Differentiator

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