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Regulations, Standards and Policies for Industry to Watch in 2017

Rachel Hamby, PE | January 9, 2017

Environmental, health and safety regulations, standards, policies, agency initiatives and court rulings are constantly changing and in flux.  The new year is bringing the U.S. not just new and revised regulations, but a new president, a new Congress, and new agency leaders. In this 2017 regulatory update, TRC provides an update on key federal regulations, policies and rulings announced or adopted in the past year–with the caveat that many of them could be modified or repealed by the new President or Congress.

The list of potentially affected facilities and activities is vast.  This regulatory update focuses on those with the biggest impact on energy, manufacturing, construction and oil and gas sectors. Several regulations may affect employers across multiple sectors, such as those who provide employees with personal protection equipment and those with equipment containing refrigerants; while other regulations are specific to a certain activity or industry.

While it appears likely that some, or many, of these regulations will be modified or repealed, we encourage you to give a close look at this list to know what could be coming and when. And, of course, when it comes to helping you understand and follow the regulations to avoid violations or fines, TRC has experts across all of the fields above—in 120 offices around the United States—who are eager to work with you as partners in compliance.

Rachel Hamby, PE

Rachel Hamby is a project manager in TRC’s environmental management and sustainability group. She has over 18 years of engineering experience, including wastewater and stormwater permitting, multi-media environmental compliance auditing, and environmental compliance management across a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Contact Rachel at

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