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Planning for Reopening Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic

July 23, 2020

Watch our panel of experts Dr. Michael Berg, Dr. Kathy McFarland, Heath Howard and Andrew Davis in a live webinar discussing the environmental, health and safety (EHS) challenges facing school systems as they plan how to safely and efficiently reopen their facilities for the upcoming school year while still preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Planning for Reopening Schools During the COVID 19

As school systems across the country prepare for reopening this fall, millions of students, teachers and staff will once again share classrooms, cafeterias and other common areas, raising the risk of community spread of COVID-19. How can school administrators restore the community’s confidence in the safety of classroom settings?

Understanding the transmission of COVID-19, the efficacy of different cleaning methods and the best practices to follow to reduce disease spread while ensuring there isn’t wasteful spending is critical to reopening schools. Our expert panel outlines the options available and provide the pros and cons to each approach for cleaning educational facilities to minimize the risk to both employees and students.

Topics include:

  • Explaining COVID-19 and routes of transmission
  • How schools are preparing to reopen
  • Pros and cons of different cleaning methods
  • Legal EHS considerations for school reopening
  • How to put together the right plan for reopening your schools

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