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Duane Baldwin
Vice President, Advanced Energy at TRC

Leading the Next Generation of Clean Energy Innovators

Duane Baldwin serves as Vice President within TRC’s Advanced Energy Practice.  With over two decades of experience managing energy and information technology initiatives in the public and private sectors, he has a passion for building teams and enabling growth in the clean energy industry. Duane leads the client acquisition and development practice for TRC, working with utilities, agencies, and businesses across the United States to uncover large-scale solutions for transforming energy use.

The next 10 years are going to define the way energy is used for the next century. We’re making sure that the momentum is real – with large-scale clean energy programs that reduce emissions, promote energy affordability, and support a thriving workforce.

Duane Baldwin

Duane has managed energy efficiency and sustainability contracts for many of the largest utilities in the eastern United States, helping provide benefits to millions of customers. Over his decades of work, Duane has served as technical lead and subject matter expert on numerous efforts to help our clients make the transition to efficient and low-carbon energy systems. His experience includes leadership of energy efficiency, demand management, electrification, and decarbonization programs across the commercial, industrial, government, and residential sectors. He has led teams responsible for saving cumulatively one million MWh of energy through successful implementation of energy conservation programs.


Duane’s motto, “let’s get to yes,” is a mindset that helps his team at TRC bring clean energy innovations from theory to practice – on a scale that brings measurable benefits to both people and the environment.


Prior to his current role leading Advanced Energy client acquisition and development at TRC, Duane managed large energy contracts in the commercial sector for Lockheed Martin and held senior consulting and project management roles at Booz Allen Hamilton and AYB.  Duane holds a Bachelor’s degree in government and politics from the University of Maryland, College Park and a Master’s degree from the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education.


In 2022, Duane was elected to the Board of Directors of the Alliance to Save Energy. The ASE is a nonprofit, bipartisan alliance of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders working to expand the economy while using less energy.


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